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CampusXChange Network Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The best way for us to better describe CampusXchange Network is to answer some questions you may have. If you still need more info after reading through these questions, please contact us
Q: What is CampusXchange Network?
A: CampusXchange is a student powered marketplace for colleges and universities where college students buy, sell and exchange? Textbooks, Class Notes and Test Papers with one another, and more!
Q: What do I need to join CampusXchange?
A: It's easy! Sign up with your email, check your email for a confirmation email, and then start using the site!
Q: Do I have to sign up to use CampusXchange Network?
A: You can search the textbook listings without signing up, but you must register to post books for sale or buy one from the other students.
Q. Is there a cost?
Basic, listing and buying books and notes CampusXchange is free to all students, staff and faculty. If you are in the same university or in the same department as other party, you don't need to tell you that we encourage you to directly meet the person and do your transactions in person whenever possible. You get to know a new person in your campus.
Q: What's the best way to get in touch with other students?
A: Students can contact each other through e-mail or by calling each other to set up a meeting time and place. The aim is for students to be able to connect with each other so that they can save shipping cost and arrange their own handling of the book.
Q: Does CampusXchange Network handle the book transactions?
A: All transactions take place between CampusXchange Network Users. CampusXchange Network provides a matching service. However, if you want to pay or receive the payments through the Campus Exchange a service fee of 10% will be applied against the final sales price - Minimum of US $1 per transaction..
Q: Can I give my text books for Free?
A: Sure - you can. Just list the book with price of Zero (0) and be ready to deal with incoming requests.
Q: How can I set up my university with CampusXchange Network?
A: Any individual or student organization can partner with CampusXchange Network to get their own customized book exchange page. Send us an email, tell us your name and desired color, and we'll set you up your university immediately.
Q: Will my email address ever be sold or appear on a junk email list?
A: NO. We send out an email roughly once per semester reminding you to visit but that's it.
Q: How do I change my school, password, email, or telephone number?
A: Personal account information can be changed after log-in by clicking on the "member info" button on the left-hand side of the screen.
Q: My school's not listed - what do I do?
A: We've done a pretty good job identifying schools - but recognize we don't have all of them. Send us your school info and we'll add it to our database.
Q: Why don't you provide service in my country?
A: If you help us out we will. Just send us a list of the provinces with the major schools in each province. We'll get you up and running immediately.
Q: How do I buy or sell textbooks at other universities?
A: Textbooks transactions should be done face-to-face whenever possible. If you're brave enough to trade through the mail then I would recommend using a service like iescrow to gaurentee delivery and payment.
Q: How much should I charge for my textbooks?
A: A rough rule of thumb is about 50% of the new price? but check the other books on the exchange and see what they're selling for.
Q: Where should I meet prospective buyers & sellers?
A: Always in a public place. We would recommend the main entrance to the library, the cafeteria, etc. during daylight hours. Also, if you don't know the person well, never meet a person alone. Take your friend along, if possible.
Q: I've sent several emails but haven't heard back
A: Sometimes a few students are inconsiderate and don't return calls or respond to emails after they've sold their books. Your best bet is to move on any get the book elsewhere.
Q: Am I obligated to buy a book after I made an offer.
A: The rule of transaction is that a buyer has to be willing to buy and a seller has to be willing to sell. Both parties must see a mutual benefit in a transaction and be willing to complete a transaction.
Q: Do you have any additional information to help me contact the other student?
A: The only info we have is the information asked for at registration (I.e. First name, email address, university, and sometimes a phone number). All that information appears with the book info.
Q: Should I use the same password as for my school systems on my account?
A: We suggest keep your school or bank passwords secure and do not use them on any other sites or unsecure systems.
Q: Can I make suggestions to improve the system and its feature ?
A: Yes - we welcome that. You can Email US all your ideas as to how we can make this site more useful to you.