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How It Works
CampusXchange Network is a public website with the purpose of connecting textbook buyers and sellers so that they may purchase or sell their books in person or through the mail. The intended audience is individual college students, though anyone may use the site to buy and/or sell text books.

CampusXchange Network is unique among other book sales websites in that it provides a way for users to find other students within their own school, program of study, and/or geographic area. This allows users the option to complete transactions in person and avoid the hassles and fees involved in shipping and online payment methods. It allows sellers to leave a book available for sale indefinitely (as opposed to a fixed-length auction site). Sellers may also set a desired price and accept or reject offers.

CampusXchange Network is also unique in that it is free to use for both buyers and sellers. A fee is only charged if you use CampusXchange to collect payment on your behalf for the books or items on the site.

CampusXchange Network has two different types of users: Guests (anonymous visitors) and registered users. Registered users may be buyers and/or sellers at any given time. Guest can only browse.

CampusXchange Network's primary aim is to enable person to person exchange whenever possible within an student community of a University Campus. Buyers and sellers are put in contact with each other through the forms provided on the website and they are prompted to follow a series of steps in order to buy or sell books. All transactions utilize usernames, so the e-mail addresses are concealed until the transaction has successfully completed.

When personal can also collect payment for any transaction on behalf of the users, if so required.

Why Use Used Books
The rising cost of higher education means higher financial burden on everyone. Paying for a higher education these days is not easy. In addition to paying today's steep tuition prices, students are required to invest in prescribed text books. At the end of the term, once you're done with those books, they're of no use to you anymore. They are virtually of no use to you. That was until now. Instead of making that money sit in your bookshelves, you could now sell your textbooks to your friends that will take the same course in the next term. It will get you cash that you can use to buy other text books for your new course. This is a win-win situation for everyone. We aim to reduce the cost to successfully complete your studies.

Depending on what you're going to be majoring in, you may have to take a very broad assortment of classes ? This usually means a fairly high textbook bill! Whether you need a math textbook, chemistry textbook, or an economics textbook, you'll be able to save a considerable amount of money by recycling them to other students in your departments instead. Used textbooks can save you a little cash, but you'll save even more money by buying or selling the books that you need locally.

On paper, buying a used textbook may seem like a wise financial decision. Unfortunately, there are not many avenues to buy and sell it. So is designed to do just that.

Looking for used textbooks? Look no further. CampusXchange Network guarantees quality used textbooks at competitive prices, and we have over 5 Million used and new books.