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Our Engineering management team has 200+ man years of experience with previously running major projects at world leaders like Alcatel, Motorola, Nokia, Lucent, Glenayre Technologies, Cisco Systems, Oracle EMC, Ennovate Networks, Corona Networks, Telstra, Intel, Toshiba and Matsushita (Panasonic). We have guided large and complex multi-million dollars Fortune 500 projects and created products with combined market values of Billions of dollars.

With a strong knowledge base and proven expertise in the areas of Wireless Internet, Web technologies, Mobile, P2P, Computer Networking and Infrastructure development, our team is your ideal technology partner. Our ability to work on latest Web technologies, Mobile Networks and support multiple devices makes us immensely valuable to all our customers.

Key members of our Management and Engineering team have been at the technology industry forefront in managing the development of numerous successful products, and technologies for the wireless (GSM/CDMA infrastructure, Mobile Devices and applications), IEEE 802.11 WLANs, computer networking (IP Routers, VPN Gateways, Optical Switches), Media Streaming, P2P, SIP and Web 2.0 technologies (banking, insurance and manufacturing, Mobile applications). The technical caliber of our engineers, carefully handpicked from reputed institutes after several rounds of evaluation, has helped us achieve a worldwide reputation with our global as well as domestic customers for our products and on-site/offshore software development.

Dr. B. Kumar, Ph.D. : CEO
Dr. B. Kumar, over the last two decades, has held many senior engineering management and executive positions with major fortune 500 corporations (Panasonic, Motorola, Glenayre Techs., Digital Equipment) and technology startups (Ennovate Networks, Corona Networks, LS AudioLabs etc.) in the USA and Canada. Dr. Kumar has taught at several universities in the US and the UK.
Dr. Sushma Rathor, Ph.D.: COO
Dr. Rathor has over 20 years experience in business management. She handles logistics and operations of the company and is key member of our strategic planning committee. As a member of our executive team she is responsible for making sure that we are able to update our infrastructures as needed. She also taught at department of South Asian Studies at Rutgers University in NJ at New Brunswick campus for many years.
Sunny Rathor - Evangelist

Rutgers University

Sunny Rathor is a second year student at the School of Engineering at Rutgers University in NJ. Besides trying to keep up with his studies at Rutgers, Sunny is trying to promote the ideas of the book exchange with his fellow students. His aim is to reduce the cost of text books for all his friends. Sunny's interests are sports and music. During his high school days, Sunny played ice Hockey for High School South at West Windsor NJ. He plays Guitar and his band won battle of bands in his final year at the high school.